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Ontario vase in special color effect. With a silky look and dual color tone from top to bottom. It is just how you look at it which color is dominant. Looks great in every setting, just an unreal piece.


Try our new colors now!


Available in six different magic colors with Ultra-satin :

Juicy Peach.

Sunset Sky.

Frozen Gold.

Metallic Emerald.

Frozen Lavender.

Deep Space.


2 sizes to choose, normal or large.


The material used for this is PLA. Which is biologically degradable and made out of the lactic acids from corn and sugar cane. It's very strong and durable. Production is ECO friendly as our printers are powered by green sustainable energy.

Customize your own magic color.


VectorX-ECO++ approved.

Ontario Vase Magic Color Effect

PriceFrom €27.95
Sales Tax Included
Magic Color
  • Normal Vase:

    Length: 16,5 cm.

    Width: 16,5 cm.

    Height: 25 cm.

    Weight: 140 gram.


    Large Vase:

    Length: 21 cm.

    Width: 21 cm.

    Height: 30 cm.

    Weight: 200 gram.


    Color: Magic Color.

    Material: Magic PLA.

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