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Bring Your Creations To Life

Check out our shop for a wide variety of 3D printed products, customize them to your personal preference or contact us and upload your own design to receive a personalized quote.

Affordable Prices

3d printing shop payment options
3d printed products easy payment options
3d printed products easy payment options
3d printing shop payment options
3d printed products easy payment options

Worldwide Shipping

3d printing shop worldwide shipping

Hundreds of Products & Colors

3d printing shop materials

Professional Build Quality

High Quality 3d printing

What We Offer

We offer a wide variety of high quality 3D printed models & decorations, including the ability to upload your own file. 

Browse our Shop for inspiration and order your model directly, secure and hassle free.

If you would prefer a certain product in a custom size or personalized, fill out our contact form with your wishes and we will print them for you!

Have you created your own 3D design or own an .STL file? We will print your creation for you! Simply contact us and quickly receive a personalized quote.

3D Print

Why Choose VectorX?

Cutting Edge Industrial Printers

We use high-end Industrial 3D printers which are capable of producing high quality 3D Prints.

Your own creations brought to life

Have you created or do you own a 3D printed file? Fill out the contact form on our site, upload your file and we will contact you with a personalized quote!

Durable, Eco Friendly,  High Quality Materials

We can print with a variety of materials and all colours, including Marble & Glow in the dark. Materials include PLA, PETG, Carbon, ABS, etc..

Support The Environment

By buying our products you also support our efforts to reduce CO2 Pollution. A percentage of all our sales goes to planting new, protected trees. Find out more here!

Check out some of the products we print!

The Possibilities Are Endless

Available Magic Colors

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