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Creating on Green Energy

Most models in our shop are made out of PLA+ which is biologically degradable. PLA is made out of the lactic acids from corn and sugar cane. Printed with our printers, which are driven by green energy.


What We Can Do for You

Check out our Shop

Check out our shop for amazing 3D art, wall murals, household decorations, toys, household items and much much more!

All printed with the highest quality with top notch materials!

Bring your creation to life

If you have created your own 3D design and would like to bring your creation to life? Leave it to us.

Checkout the upload section, upload your design and receive an instant quote & order immediately. Hassle free.

Create a design

Your idea, our experts.

If you have an idea about a design, contact us with your idea and work together with our 3d Artists to transfer your idea to a physical product.

Excellent service and Worldwide Shipping

VectorX3D will deliver excellent service and customer support, we also do worldwide shipping and we will always aim to respond within 24 hours!

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