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We Keep Top Notch Materials

High quality materials provide high quality products
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Tough and durable
Heat and impact resistant
Requires a heated bed to print
Industrial Use

Functional Prototypes
Automotive Use
Industrial Use

Popular & Strong

Versatile Use

House Deco, Toys, Vases, Flexi,
Models, Gadgets, Outdoors...

Lower printing temperatures
for faster production
Food Safe
High Transparancy

Toys, Gadgets, Kitchen Utensils, Storage Containers...

Strong, Durable and Light
Tough and partially flexible
Complex Printing Methods


Functional Prototypes
Wear Resistant Parts

Flexible & Stretchable
Impact resistant
Excellent Vibration Dampening


Functional Prototypes
Automotive Use
Industrial Use

Rigid, Strong & Tough
Specialized Manufacturing 


Functional Prototypes
Jigs, Fixtures & Tooling

3d printed shop PLA material wide variety of models, art, toys, vase and more!

Choosing the right material is important

As you can see in the table above there is a wide selection of materials available, so which material should you choose?

A general indication of which material is suited for which product is already shown in the table, depending on what you would like to print, choosing the correct material features for your product is important, your product might break or malfunction otherwise.

We at VectorX3D are specialized in all the above materials, and if you are unsure which product you would like to use, you can always contact us and our experts will be happy to advise and work with you to bring your creation to life.

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