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Core Values

Accesibility & Affordable

We want to bring 3D printed products to consumers worldwide for affordable prices, excellent service and easy shipping.

Worldwide shipping for all our 3d printed products

Freedom of Design

Your idea, our experts. 

One of our goals is to help make your idea a reality. Our experts can help shape your idea into a 3D design.

upload your own design instant quote 3d printing

Eco friendly and  sustainable production

One of the main reasons that we think 3D printing has a bright future is that many of its materials are eco friendly, non hazardous. We care about the environment and think its important to keep building towards a better future.

This also reflects in our contribution towards an sustainable future, as a percentage of every purchase is counted towards growing & maintaining protected forests.

3d printing shop with wide variety of products

Who We Are

We at VectorX3D have been at the forefront of 3D Development as hobbyists and professionals. Being technology enthusiasts from an young age, we were interested in 3D printing since its early beginning.
Seeing the real world application of 3D printing and the freedom of design and creativity we decided to take our hobby one step further.

3D printing with ECO friendly, durable materials is a huge milestone compared to the plastics used in manufacturing processes in the past. Which is another reason why our missions is to make 3D printed products and designs available to everyone.

This is why we started VectorX3D, with a clear mission to make 3D printed art, products, gadgets, toys and more available for everyone.

3D Printing shop wide variety of products
3D printing shop models
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