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Dual convex polyhedron Sierpiński triangle with Sierpiński stand in dual color.


Decorative piece amazing looking dual convex polyhedron in Sierpiński triangle style. This pattern is loved for century's. Amazing and original gift.


You can customize your own dual color convex polyhedron or watch in our shop for the Dual Convex Polyhedron in magic color and choose any color you like.


In geometry, a polyhedron is a three-dimensional shape with flat polygonal faces, straight edges and sharp corners or vertices. 


The Sierpinski triangle is a fractal attractive fixed set with the overall shape of an equilateral triangle, subdivided recursively into smaller equilateral triangles. It is named after the Polish mathematician Wacław Sierpiński, but appeared as a decorative pattern many centuries.


The material used for this is PLA. Which is biologically degradable and made out of the lactic acids from corn and sugar cane. It's very strong and durable. Production is ECO friendly as our printers are powered by green sustainable energy.


VectorX-ECO++ approved.

Dual Convex Polyhedron With Stand Dual Color

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