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Flexi German Shepherd a fun and cool decorative piece and toy.


The 3 pcs. set is the perfect addition in your home, available for only € 24.95

Watch out... not for cat lovers!


The material used for this is PLA+. Which is biologically degradable and made out of the lactic acids from corn and sugar cane. It's very strong and durable. Production is ECO friendly as our printers are powered by green sustainable energy.


Customize your own and choose from a variety of magic colours.


Available in Small, Medium and Large and also in an amazing 3 PCS Set!


VectorX-ECO++ approved.

Flexi Dog German Shepherd Magic Color Effect

PriceFrom €7.95
Sales Tax Included
Magic Color
  • For the small dog:

    Length: 7.7 cm.

    Width: 5.9 cm.

    Height: 1.2 cm.

    Weight: 12 gram.


    For the medium dog:

    Length: 10.3 cm.

    Width: 7.8 cm.

    Height: 1.5 cm.

    Weight: 24 gram.


    For the large dog:

    Length: 15.5 cm.

    Width: 11.7 cm.

    Height: 2.3 cm.

    Weight: 58 gram.


    Material: PLA+.

    Age: From 3+.

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