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Highly visible customized large luggage tag designed by VectorX.


Be the first to spot your tag and never doubt if its your luggage or someone elses!


Flip to hide your personal details while still remaining easy to spot.


Additional case available (not included!). Order the luggage tag case which improves durability while remaining just as recognizabe. With or without case, you can't go wrong either way!


You can add your details in the custom text field. Your details will be printed on to the luggage tag. 

If you need more tags with different name / adresses, just fill in all names and adresses and the quantity per adress in the text field.


The material used for this is PLA+. Which is biologically degradable and made out of the lactic acids from corn and sugar cane. It's very strong and durable. Production is ECO friendly as our printers are powered by green sustainable energy.


Customize your own and choose from a variety of colours.


VectorX-ECO++ approved.


Luggage Tag Customized Large

€ 7,95Price
Sales Tax Included
Text Color
  • Length: 14 cm.

    Width: 7 cm.

    Height: 5 mm.

    Weight: 28 gram.

    Material: PLA+.

    Age: From 3+.