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Siren Head is a fictional monster created by Trevor Henderson.


It is a tall emaciated being with a pair of symbolic sirens where a head would normally go, which are capable of emitting various noises both natural and man-made, including sirens, radio broadcasts, white noise, and human voices. An ambush predator, it always hides in plain sight and sometimes mimics the voices of its past victims to lure any potential prey closer. The creature is one of many monsters in Trevor Henderson's found-footage style art including the cartoon cat, bridge worm, long horse, cartoon dog, and more, and has been the subject of multiple video games, the most popular being a short horror game independently developed by Modus Interactive with the permission of Henderson. The game was originally created in 2018 for a PlayStation-themed Game Jam, and gained an increase in popularity in 2020 after being showcased by various big gaming YouTubers and streamers, including PewDiePie, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye. Siren Head was also included in a popular Fallout 4 mod


The material used for Siren head is UV sensitive resin. And it is printe with a UV LCD Photon 3D printer. You can choose your own color and size.

Siren Head

PriceFrom €9.95
Sales Tax Included
Resin Color
  • Normal:

    Length: 4 cm.

    Width: 4 cm.

    Height: 10 cm.

    Weight: 30gr.



    Length: 8.5 cm.

    Width: 8.5 cm.

    Height: 21 cm.

    Weight: 93gr.

    Material: Photon UV Sensitive Resin

    Age: From 6+.

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